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From our community and beyond — let's connect with purpose.

Information is the glue of any community and defines the issues we care about as local neighbors and friends. The Local captures the essence of the area by finding the stories that speak to us and show us how we connect to each other and the globe. Our entertaining blend of informational content, business and local features makes The Local the perfect one-stop space to connect with community.

The Local began in 2009 in the form of a printed magazine with a distribution of about 10,000. At that time, Locale Magazine entertained the area with its stories of people and place, giving a voice to a community that had seen its local coverage by big media all but disappear. Fast forward 12 years and 3 years of research, The Local has emerged as a fresh, new website with the same commitment to local culture. What does a subscription mean? Contributing financially to local endeavors, like The Local, delivers more value to our community. Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to the entire site. We develop content with our members' needs in mind; we involve them in what we do, in what we write; we listen to advice and act on the best interests of our community. It means fighting in our community's corner.

Please consider supporting The Local today by becoming a subscriber of our exclusive community. View our plans here.

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