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Check That Tinder

Have you seen the latest documentary Tinder Swindler? In an effort to reduce the swindle effect, Tinder is partnering with Garbo, an app now inside of Tinder, letting users run in-app background checks on their matches. But wait, there is always a catch, right (speaking of swindlers...)? Of course, in the usual corporate way, the first 2 searches will be free, after that a fee of $2.50 will apply -- and that's not including the processing fee -- which, who knows what that will total up to. Apparently you can put a price on safety. Keep in mind that there are a few things to be mindful about. While this seems like it might be nice level of safety, we also know that it isn't really fair to judge someone on their past discretions -- forgot to make that cell phone bill? Did you miss your rent last month? This could likely be the type of information that will wind up on a background search.

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